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For those of you who have deployed the WMS and found that the recommended Scansku running Android is rubbish, here's what we did! 

We first bought a bunch of refurbished iPad Air2 devices and paired them via Bluetooth with a the CS3070 Scanners. This set up was way more stable than the Scansku and got us up and running. The issue now is that once the scanner gets low on battery, it has trouble scanning a whole barcode and sometimes you'll have to scan a few times for a successful decode or you get caught having to complete a picklist manually.

Our latest trial is using a genuine lighting to USB camera adapter and plugging in an LS2208 scanner as well as connecting it to a power source, either direct AC power or to a power cell. This works way better with much faster scans and no missed Scans. This doesn't work successfully on iPad Air 2 but Fifth Gen iPads running iOS 13.0 and greater are fine. There is a bug where the keyboard disappears but we reconnect the CS3070 which seems to bring the keyboard back then turn the CS3070 off. Hope this helps some of you....

It would be good if there were more hardware options for the WMS, especially for those who prefer using iOS.    

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  • Thanks for posting this Simon!

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