Quote product items are lost if you click "Skip Quote"

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I have done this a couple of times.  I am a slow learner but still it would be good if this did not happen. I spend a while entering in all the items a customer has requested via email. At some point I see the "Skip Quote" option.  I think, "Yeah, I don't need a quote and I just click it. All the data I have entered is trashed and I'm now in order mode. I start from scratch while mumbling and swearing entering in the entire order again.  Could the system be made to just move the data under the quote to the order 'tab' so we don't loose the data?  Please?



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  • A warning popup should do, DEAR.

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  •  Good idea.  Always a good policy when you are about to vaporise data. :-)

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3 people like this idea
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