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Stock Transfer needs to have improvements to make as functional as it's meant to be.... Overall, it needs to include some of the functions from the SO module - Pick List template: for some reason, the print template for Stock Transfer pick list doesn't include the Bin Location or Line Comment mergefields.. Yet the picking process for a Stock Transfer is basically the same as for a Sales Order right? So these really are needed - Ship to different address option. We often so a stock transfer for a one-off event or pop-up shop, with different locations each time. We don't want to have to add each event address as Locations in Dear, so the ability to 'ship to different address' would be handy - packing and shipping steps. Just like an SO, we need the ability to pack and ship a Stock Transfer fulfillment , and advise the receiving location of the packing and shipping details.

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  • @DEAR, please close off this request as I posted it from my phone and the formatting is terrible.

    I have reposted the request with better formatting :) 

  • It's crazy for a specialist inventory software not to be able to give stock location, including Bin on a Stock locator order template.  How are the warehouse staff going to find the products and will they take them from the correct location to keep the system correct if there is stock in two or more locations?  This is very fundamental and needs to be addressed straight away!


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4 people like this idea
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