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It is very frustrating how slow Dear is to load sometimes... Especially when you have customers in front of you and trying to process a sale.

When will this be improved? Because at the moment it is terrible.

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  • ... and seems to be getting worse. Dear, are there any plans to improve general performance?

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  • This continues to get worse and worse by the week. I have had numerous clients complaining to me about DEAR's speed and overall performance. One of my clients has been experiencing issues for over 12 months. Others have started to complain in the last 3-4 months.

    The New UI has appeared to slow things down quite substantially overall, but ironically the new UI also seems to be quite quick to take in minor actions in and around a page, it just *feels* quicker until you try to refresh a page, load a list of products to search, or do anything else of note.

    These performance issues will ultimately force businesses to change systems if they are not rectified.

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  • It is utterly shocking how slow it is (and the new UI is appallingly full of bugs in general).   Particularly in Firefox - things are a little better in Chrome, but it is routine even there for pages to take 5 to 10 seconds or more to load.  This is on a decent internet connection (100 mbps) - and it is definitely not the connection speed that is the issue.

    E.g. the way DEAR is currently piecemeal loading all the sale elements is very error prone - on many occasions, we're seeing sales where only the header loads (if at all) - and all the other data such as fulfilments, logs and attributes etc - simply don't load at all.  And there's no error message.

    We have been told that each DEAR instance has its own VPS - that just doesn't seem right, or if so it's a massively underpowered VPS. We run a far more complicated UI & system off a dedicated $20/month Vultr VPS with zero performance it certainly can be done if things are engineered properly.

    For the price of DEAR, performance is not even remotely where it should be, and is indeed even worse now than a few months ago.

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  • I agree, very slow and frustrating, affects my productivity immensely! 

  • Hello!

    We would love to hear your feedback on DEAR's performance now as we have made major changes to accommodate a higher load.

  •  It has improved, but only a little.  It's still, by far, the slowest cloud system we use, with page load times in excess of 5 seconds (on a fast connection) quite typical.  5+ seconds is not a big deal if it's an occasional aberration, but all day every day, those 5+ seconds per page add up to a lot of wasted time just waiting on DEAR.

    (Modern well built web apps typically aim for less than 1s load times).

  • I still get constant freezing in Safari, I honestly can't say it's improved that much... It's kind of disappointing considering the recent price hike Dear has snuck on it's customers. 

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