B2B Discount as Percentage

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When using the B2B Portal all pricing are added to the DEAR Invoice as Price Overrides regardless of having your General Settings set to apply discounts as percentages.

This causes issues when:

  • Using Invoice Templates that are designed to show discount breakdowns.
  • When you use Discount as Percentage to report on average/total discounts offered.

This contradiction of settings needs to be fixed so the user doesn't end up with B2B contradicting the setup of standard sales.

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  • For sure this is necessary!

    Just like when a customer has a file discount, they can see the normal price on the portal but it's struck-through and their special price is next to it.

    So on the SO, INV etc, it should show the normal price, then they're special price, then calculate the discount % .

    Some customers are very pedantic about their file discount showing on orders & invoices, and raise a query if it's not displayed, potentially delaying payment of the order... just an unnecessary inefficiency.

    Should also apply to deals & discounts purchased through the portal too.

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  • Our team would love to see this development happen, as well. 

    Customers expect to see the discount clearly displayed, and we've had more instances than we can count dealing with queries related to "missing" discounts that are actually reflected in the invoiced price rather than discount column.

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  • It would be amazing if this could be fixed asap! This feels more like a bug, rather than a feature request. As it sounds like to option is there, but it doesn't actually work. We have a bunch of customers that have been trying to understand the discounts that we're providing and with this bug, we can't do this right now. Really keen to understand when this will be fixed...

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4 people like this idea
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