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When uploading sale order lines with a CSV it makes sense that SKU and Quantity are mandatory.  At the moment prices are also mandatory. Is it possible to make prices optional and have them propagated from PriceTier and Customer Special pricing that matches the Customer the order is for (or default to PriceTier1 if no customer has been specified). 

At the moment to use the CSV import I have to 'lookup' the prices into the CSV instead of being able to trust DEAR to provide the correct pricing defined for the customer.

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  • Totally agree, pricing should not be required in the upload.
  • I have run into this problem as well.  Your suggestion makes sense.

  • My current workaround for this is to fill the csv price column with any random number of your choice. After uploading you can click on the apply discount button and it will fill the prices and apply the correct pricing for the customer according to their Price Tier and pricing specific to that customer. Hope this helps your situation.

  • Wow, hat's so much easier than my current workaround!  Thanks so much for the tip.

    (I still think it would be nicer if DEAR would put in the default price if no price was present.)

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  • This is an issue for us and seems like it would be an easy enough fix?!

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