Feature Request - Customer Receivable/Statement Reports

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Hi Dear Development Team

I notice that Dear do not have the most basic but very important Customer Receivable/Statement Reports below:

1. Aging Receivable 

    a. Aging Per Customer Totals

    b. Aging Per Customer Invoices Totals

2. Statement of Accounts

    a. Activity Statement of Account - This report will show the historical activity of the customer on a given period for activities covering:

        1) Invoice Dates with Reference and Amounts

        2) Advance/Deposits Receipt Dates with Reference and Amounts, which SO or Invoice it is allocated.

        3) Balance Receipt Dates with Reference and Amounts, which SO or Invoice it is allocated.

Currently, we do these reports in Xero as they are already available in Xero. However, Xero report on these is not complete. It does not capture in its Activity Statement of Account the Advances/Deposits.

I think this is high priority feature for Dear. We would prefer to see this report from Dear and not in Xero since the data in  Dear are real time and these data are more consistent with other Dear Reports.


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  • To add to this post, it is currently very difficult to reconcile Accounts Receivable totals between DEAR and Xero using DEAR's reports. Support team encourage you to use Account Summary or General Ledger but these result in hours of excel manipulation to reconcile an Aged Payables balance for all customers quickly and easily in DEAR vs Xero.

    DEAR needs to provide a basic Aged Receivables and Aged Payables report to enable quick and easy cross-checking between the systems relating to Customer & Supplier balances.

  • I completely agree with this.  This is a basic feature that should be in DEAR as a standard report.

  • An Accounts receivable report is needed badly

  • How is this travel.  I would think this would've been at the core of the system.  Based on Rudy's comments about deposits and advances and it not being realtime data in XERO unless you sync, this needs to be added to Dear.  Any Updates?

  • Is there anything to this yet?  Not sure how DEAR can have "Financial Report" section without an accounts receivable report... Seriously... They must have a team of only engineers and 0 CPAs for this to be the case.

  • Agree, the searching feature in sales/purchases in Dear is lacking, as is an accounts payable and receivable report.  These are the basic things required for an accounting system.  Kind of annoying the price keeps going up, support is getting way worse and they develop all these extra "nice to have" features without sorting out the basics.  About to give up and look for another solution.  

  • Any updates for this brilliant idea ?

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14 people like this idea
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