Generate Pallet Label from a Purchase Order

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As we are using scanners more often to complete tasks in the warehouse, we want to be able to create a pallet label when stock is received into our warehouse. This label would also assist with transfers as you don't need to locate a barcode or product code of the SKU

Each line item in a PO represents an individual SKU on the pallet being stored in a location in the warehouse. At the end of each line you could have a tick box which notifies DEAR that a pallet label is required to be printed.

Depending on which type of PO is used, there is a print icon which allows the user to print the pallet label required for each pallet as per selection.

The label needs to consist of the following information:

- SSCC # (made up from GS1 company prefix and sequence number to make the serial number)

- CONTENT (product description)

- QTY (number of items on the pallet)

- GTIN (product barcode)

- DATE RECEIVED (date the item was received)

- BATCH (batch details or PO #)

At the bottom of the label have the following barcodes:

- GTIN Barcode

- SSCC Barcode (GS1-128 format

This would make the put away or transfer process so much quicker and eliminate any errors which may occur. Also eliminates the need to write on the pallet. This could be a feature when using the WMS app for receiving?

Would love the opportunity to discuss this feature in more detail as it is something that all WMS should be able to create for any type of warehouse.

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