Changing stock location on restock

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We process our refund in another location. When we create the credit note, the restock location is by default the location it has been picked. There is no way we can change the location and we have do to a transfer every time we do a restock. It takes time and that seems a very easy feature to add. Thank you !

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  • I would totally agree with this, the majority of refunds would be for returned damaged or unwanted stock items, these need to be either written off or put into quarantine for QA before they go out again, very few items would go straight back into good stock to be dispatched.  Also, the journal associated with this action needs to be editable in Dera before it hits the accounting system.  All journals should be viewable in Dera before they go to the accounting system.  This gives visibility of the entries and prevents errors haveing to be found and corrected in the accounts package after te event.

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