Upload descriptions for product families which are different to the member descriptions

started a topic about 4 years ago

Currently when you upload an inventory list the product description of the first SKU in the csv becomes the product family description, which should not always be the same as the SKU description.

When you then go and edit the product family description it copies the new description to all member SKU descriptions via inheritance, which is also not correct.

We need a way to upload a product family description which is different to the member description without the inheritance overriding the process.

The only way to have different description in the member SKUs to that in the family is to edit the member descriptions manually, which is not optimal.

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  • 100% agreed with the comments. This is something we really need, as often times individual parts require slightly variable descriptions to the product family.

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  • Agreed! The way that the B2B displays product families really needs to be optimized. 

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4 people like this idea
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