B2B Portal: Weight and dimensions also displayed for family products

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I have a few products in our B2B Portal store set up as families and I've noticed their weight and dimensions are not displayed on the product page. I believe this should be consistent across the board and the weight and dimensions should be displayed for all products that are live in the store, regardless of if they are setup as a family or not.




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  • I agree Julianne, and there is another whole thread of feature requests here too where this has been listed: 

    On any individually listed products, you get a Specification tab which includes:

    - Product Dimensions

    - Additional Attributes

    This complete tab is not available for products listed in families.. I assume because of the challenges involved in showing the data. (Each variation in the family could have varying data for dimensions (size & weight), and up to 10 Additional attributes)

    However, it would be if there was a matrix similar to the List tab, showing each of the variations. Then when you click on 1 of the variations it shows a table beside it with the dimensions & additional attributes for that variation. Can't be that hard I dont think!

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