WIP stock staying in stock through stock take

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Hey there,

We manufacture products and use dear to track all of our raw and finished goods. We have trouble understanding how to use our WIP materials (allocated stock) through a stock take.

The problem is when we do a stock take, the stock is counted what we have on hand but a recent addition to our team has told me it seems ludicrous to have to add the WIP materials (allocated) back to the final qty. The problem is, the allocated stock stays the same but it isn't accounted for in any way. 

Say for example at the end of the month we have 3 RGs on hand, there are 4 RGs in progress as allocated WIP. I then go to complete the batches but I can't complete all 4 because there are only 3 left on hand.

Is there a setting to make allocated raw goods sit in a WIP stock until completed, or how does dear systems work around this.



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