B2B Checkout Shipping- if 'No Shipping Allowed' order can't be placed

started a topic 11 months ago

Currently, the B2B Portal allows customers to place orders when shipping cannot be calculated due to the dimensions and weight of a product being blank. The tech team have confirmed that this is normal behaviour, and is as expected. If the shipping cannot be calculated during checkout, customers should not be able to continue with the order and this should be implemented as a feature (even though to me this sounds like a bug).

It makes no sense why the system would allow an order to be processed if there is 'no shipping allowed'. Businesses will lose money from this as shipping is not calculated and customers will get angry when they purchase something and either;


a) find out that they have to pay more for shipping that they were not advised about before placing the order 


b)are told their order cannot be shipped after they've paid for it.

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