Ability to Save Display Field Layouts, Globally and by User - Currently layouts go back to default dear layout for each users or logging into different computer

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We need the ability to save field/column layouts as defaults for all users or save layouts to specific users. Currently DEAR only seems to save the layout for the logged in user on the computer that the user is logged into. If you log the same user into a different computer the layout goes back to DEAR default. This is a big hassle for new users as we have to manually change each modules column layout to suit our requirements, not to mention if we sign in to a different PC.  Please add this simple feature ASAP!!!!

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  • Yes couldnt agree more! User preferences are super important to UX and it's a real pain when they don't transfer to other browsers/computers

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  • This request needs to be given more attention.. this problem is one of the biggest UX frustrations we have on our team.


    Dear uses the browser cookies to save the layout and appearance preferences. If/when one has to login from another browser or clear their cache for some reason, this resets the layout and appearance preferences. 

    This poses a huge UX frustration and is a productivity killer to have to set up all your preferences again.


    Ideally, you would be able to set up a bunch of default layouts which can be assigned to a role type (Settings > Users & Roles). Individual users could further adjust their own personal layouts as desired, but the preferences would save to the role and user settings within Dear, rather than the browser cookies.

    Then when a user is switching browsers or using Dear across different devices it’s exactly the same experience for them.

    But i'm not tech expert so not sure what's possible and what's not - if you agree please like/vote.. if you have other ideas for solutions, please add to the comments!

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  • Again today all our layout setting have gone back to dear default. Once again we have to change them back to our requirements on all our terminals, this doesn't help with our workload on already a busy monday.... DEAR you need to fix this UX URGENTLY as what is the point in allowing your users to change them and not be able to save their layout if they just revert back every time you do some sort of update in the background.. BIG ISSUE NEEDS FIXING!!!!!!!

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  • Can't agree more Paul, so frustrating!

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  • Up Vote

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  • Hello!

    Please use the custom filer option and save a layout. This way you can always come back the same layout and this is universal across all users.

  • Hi Yohan

    I believe you're referring to customising layouts in Reports module.

    This feature request is about the layout preferences in the Sales Overview (Sale > SEARCH > Sales). However the need for a better way of saving layouts applies to basically every module, both on the Overview page and on a Detail page.  From discussion with your Support team it appears the layout preferences use the browser cookies to save. This becomes a UX frustration for users when login from different devices or browsers as the layout differs. Furthermore, it seems the layout references revert after a major update is implemented.

    There has got to be a better way to do this where the tenant can set up default layout preferences as a Global setting, as well as Users changing these as they prefer. And those settings preferences save to the tenant account & user account respectively, rather than using browser cookies; for a consistent UX across multiple devices & browsers.

    Just something to make your loyal DEAR users' lives more efficient and hassle-free!

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