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The Shipstation to Dear integration has a few issues on the mapping. I've been working with both sides and to me, it seems that dear has mapped the wrong data to shipstation which causes issues on orders being sent over to shipstation.

Per shipstation, here are a list of mappings:

Status Mappings



DEAR Inventory Status

Awaiting Payment

Not Supported

Awaiting Shipment

authorised, draft, paid





On Hold

Not Supported

Above, you can see that for orders that REQUIRE shipping, the following statuses for Shipstation work: authorised, draft, paid. If an order has been already shipped in Dear, Dear needs to send the status to Shipstation as "Shipped". 

Currently for example, when i use NO CONSOLIDATION for Amazon FBA integration, dear will import my amazon orders and auto pick, pack, ship and invoice.

When dear communicates with Shipstation, it will send these Amazon FBA orders as "PAID". Dear should send these orders to shipstation as "Shipped". This way, shipstation will not move these orders to AWAITING SHIPMENT.

These are mappings that have not been done properly and in so, makes it difficult to use the integration. Speaking to another member, i believe a short term workaround is to use a DAILY CONSOLIDATION, however this is not the right way. 

I hope Dear can take a look at this and fix this integration. The USA market will require shipstation to run smooth as this is the only shipping module option for USA customers that need USPS, UPS, FEDEX, etc and small ONTRAC. 

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  • Bumping this.

    The current workaround is daily consolidation, HOWEVER, using daily consolidation makes refunds and returns a nightmare to reconcile with Amazon FBA and Dear Systems. 

    Please fix. 

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