Unprocessed Credits from Magento: - Rather Convoluted Process

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This topic has created much confusion in the past and while it has been touched on previously, we want to raise it again to demonstrate just how excessively convoluted the process is, and suggest that this could/should be automated;

First, we discover Negative Allocations in DEAR: This happens when an order gets cancelled in Magento, but its status is still in Draft in DEAR. Imagine a customer places a website order, but shortly therafer cancels. Meantime the draft sales order has already been created in DEAR.

But now the Magento Credit tries to synch with DEAR, but instead of just cancelling out the order, a task is created in DEAR that carries the Magento Credit Note number as ID, and it shows as a negative allocation in DEAR (-1), but the credit cannot be processed in DEAR because the order is still in draft status. 

Current procedure: 

1) in DEAR find the Magento Credit id by clicking on the negative allocation; 

2) In Magento, search for this credit id in SALES>CREDIT MEMOS which will provide you with the relevant order number. 

3) Find the relevant order in DEAR; 

4) Convert sale to Advanced Sale 

5) Authorize the Order

6) Mark as Fulfilled 

7) Complete the invoice by "Invoice Remaining"

8) Authorize the invoice, and 

9) Manually trigger the Magento Synch Processing. 

This will then finally create a matching Credit in DEAR and cancel out the invoice and allocations.

As you can see, this is rather convoluted for an order that never even got off the blocks in the first place, and meantime messes with stock availability etc. We would suggest that this could be simplified.

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