Implement Due date on each line item of a PO

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Can DEAR implement Due dates on each line item of a purchase order?

We have a lot of difficulty caused by our large stock orders to suppliers that might have 100 to 150 line items on it.
Very often not all items are shipped at once and there is no way to assign due dates for the individual line items in a PO.

This means we have to control this out side of the system which we believe is a clunky unnecessary step which only causes complexity and ambiguity across the company. Can we have this changed so that we can assign individual line items with a due date.

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  • Hi Amanda

    I agree we need this functionality.. I know you can use the Advanced Purchase to be able to receipt multiple deliveries for one PO (similar to multiple fulfillments for 1 SO), however you at least need to be able to create due dates for each separate shipment.. esp as sales, customer service teams and B2B portal references the Required By date in the Availability module.

    E.g. after placing a PO for 10 items, the Supplier informs us that 7 items on the order will be delivered 15 Dec,  but the other 3 items will be on backorder with an ETA of 25 Jan.  From there, you need to be able to:

    • Raise a draft PO Receipt for the 7 items with an ETA date of 15 Dec (much like a draft Pick List on an SO)
    • Raise a second draft PO Receipt for the 3 backordered items with an ETA date of 25 Jan

    On another note but on the same subject.. we need to have separate dates for 'Required By' vs 'ETA'.
    When placing a PO, the 'Required By' date will remain the same, even if items won't be supplied by that date.. So the PO header will have 'Required By' date, and each supplier fulfilment will have 'ETA date' , which is updated upon supplier's confirmation ETA, rather than editing the Required by date.

  • We're in 100% agreement about how much value it would add to have separate 'Required By' or 'ETA' dates for each SKU in a purchase order.  This would allow all sales and marketing related users to truly understand when each SKU will arrive by looking within the system (we to have to manage this outside the system at the moment).  It would also allow those users managing important shipping decisions (air vs. sea) to be able to make those decisions based on information found within the system.  

    With the amount of change going on in business supply chains over these last 6 months since COVID-19 this must surely be a highly valued piece of functionality by many businesses

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5 people like this idea
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