Custom Price vs Discounts

started a topic about 4 years ago

***Request: Where a Customer has a Custom Price set for a particular product, give us an option (maybe in General Settings?) to automatically disallow ALL OTHER DISCOUNTS to that line item - including if a Customer has a general discount percentage set against their Customer record.***

I have found that if you have a customer who has a 10% (for example) discount set on their Customer record, as a general discount on all Products, but you then set a Custom Price for one particular product, DEAR will still enter 10% into the discount column even though a Custom Price exists.

All possible workarounds (Discount Rules on all other products, Discount rules on the one product, etc) to this that I have come up with are either flawed or too manual/time consuming. Would appreciate any other comments/thoughts on how to get around this.

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  • Agree! There definitely needs to be an option to set custom prices and discount rules as mutually exclusive
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2 people like this idea
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