Ideas for a way to import a long serial number list to a sales order pick (workaround).

started a topic 12 months ago

We outsource the manufacture of batches of specific products, which are triggered once a customer of ours places an order.

Once the manufactured products are received by us, we bring them in by serial numbers provided by our manufacturer.

This is easy because there is an "import" as well as an "export" link on the PO receiving screen on Dear, which we use to update the many serial numbers (sometimes numbering in the thousands).

We now want to pick these same serial numbers onto the linked customer sales order on Dear (that triggered the manufacture in the first place).

The problem is that there is no "import" link on the sales order pick screen, and someone on our team has to manually type in up to 1000 or more serial numbers for one or more SKU that makes up this order.

I have added a feature request for this (Import and Export links feature request), but wondered if anyone has an idea of a workaround we could use while we wait for this to be implemented by Dear?

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