Invoicing a Customer with Multiple Branches

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Our use case is as follows:

I have customer x that has 10 different branches. Currently I create a new customer for each new branch that they have to be able to track sales on a store level. 

So the customer name becomes something like: 

Big Shoes Pte Ltd (Midview Branch)

Big Shoes Pte Ltd (Downtown Branch)

This becomes problematic when:

1) Customer requires us to bill them in their official company name

2) When the customer has many branches, the statement of accounts becomes very long and somewhat unofficial since it's not address to the company but rather the branch of the company.

In the even of 1), our current workaround is to create a simple service sale and send the customer a consolidated invoice. This invoice will then by "undone" and individual store level invoice be re-created in its stead. 

Another workaround is to have the branch information as a separate shipping address but this doesn't always work especially if the delivery is made to a central warehouse.

It'll be great to include a field that allows us to associate branches with a customer and have this information surface in reports.

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5 people like this idea
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