Vend POS import stock movements

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We have an integrated Vend POS set up that has a Vend store location mapped to a Dear warehouse location and a Vend warehouse location mapped to our main Dear warehouse. Vend doesn’t have access to our bin locations within the warehouse. When we transfer stock out of our warehouse to our store we need to be able to generate a pick list in Dear so we can find stock in its bin location. Currently we can import the transfer through the stock section of the Vend integration screen - however we can only import it after the transfer has been completed in Vend. This means that we have to logically have the stock moved into the new location before it is physically moved - sometimes this is out of sync for a number of days. This means that we also have to receive the stock in Vend before we can physically check it off which raises issues if there are unexpected stock shortages at the warehouse. It would be extremely helpful if the workflow could be altered to allow for the import of the Vend transfer request into Dear once it has a status of sent rather than received. That way our staff could request the stock transfer in Vend, it could be imported into Dear, a pick list could be generated, stock sent out to the store where it could be physically checked off and received in Vend
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