Click & Collect required on all customers using B2B Portal, regardless of Location.

started a topic over 1 year ago

We have integrated Shippit on our B2B Portal so we can get accurate freight charges. 

For International customers, some need to be charged for freight at checkout. However, we do have a few customers that organize their own shipping/collection. 

Unfortunately, as they are not local, Dear recognizes this and takes the "Click & Collect" option away. This means that though they organize their own shipping/collection, they have to select the courier option at the checkout to proceed with the order. 

To avoid this in the meantime, we have changed the customer's shipping address to our address, however, this is not scalable and relies on human memory (to set particular customers up with certain shipping address, and then we have to notify the customer of why their shipping address will be ours at the checkout). 

DEAR, please consider adding the "Click & Collect", for all customers on the B2B portal, regardless of their location! 



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