Conflicts when saving Sales orders because two people have it open at the same time

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When I started with DEAR, if you had open a sales order that someone else had open and was working on, you could modify and then went you went to save it it told you someone else had modified it and you had to reload it and lose what you had done. This was annoying.

Now it seems that two people can modify it at the same time, but only the last one to save it has the changes saved - WITHOUT ANY WARNING.

This has lead to sales orders that were invoiced ending up not invoiced because the warehouse was working fulfilment view at the same time, and unless you go back and check it it will never be invoiced even though a payment is added.

I think you should be at warned that a sales order is open elsewhere when you open it and that you should check that changes have been saved.

After all if you are able to authorise the invoice and add the payment, you do not expect it to end up NOT invoiced

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  • I agree that's an important point Simon. DEAR functionality should allow multiple users to work on separate phases of the same SO.. at the same time... eg Accounts could be raising an Invoice, whilst Warehouse is processing a Pick list. Although I can understand it wouldn't be possible for multiple users to be editing the same phase of the same SO at the same time.
  • And at least needs the Warning reinstated!!
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