Add Import and Export file links to Sales Order Pick screen

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The workflow we have is as follows:

1. We send quotes to prospective clients for (serial number type) products which will be manufactured specifically for this order, by a partner manufacturing supplier of ours.

2. Once the sales quote is accepted by our client, we approve the quote and approve the related sales order on Dear, choosing "ReOrder Backordered".

3. We then place a Purchase Order in Dear for the full quote (all items), and all items are manufactured for us - with unique serial numbers per item manufactured.

4. The manufacturer sends us the order when it is completed, and provides us with a list of all serial numbers in a file. These could be a single SKU, with 500 individual serial numbers.

5. The excellent feature to export and import the items in the Purchase Order Receiving section, allows us to create 500 lines for the SKU, and add the individual serial numbers, and then import the csv file. This correctly allocates all of the serial numbers to the goods received into stock. So far so good.



6. We now return to the Sales Order that triggered this manufacture, and we want to import the serial numbers into the pick so that the 500 manufactured items can now be associated with the Sales Order. The problem is that the import and export file links do not appear in the pick stage of a Sales Order on Dear. This means that someone needs to manually copy and paste 500 serial numbers into the pick lines of the order on the browser screen, which takes a very long time to do.



7. Is is possible to add a file import and export feature on the Sales Order pick screen of simple and advanced sales to allow us to import serial numbers in bulk?

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  •  This will be extremely helpful!!

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  • this willl help alot!

  • This import / export function request for Picking will be a much needed upgrade.

    We currently are wasting an enormous amount of time having to manually find and select each serial number at the picking stage.

    Please can you urgently look into developing this functionality


  • I believe that this will improve efficiency.

  • The process will be much easier and quicker .

  • This will increase efficiency and reduce chance of errors in the picking process.

    It's a must have.

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  • The functionality is required to increase efficiency in processing.

  • This will save us a lot of time!

  • Will be much more efficient!

  • Really need this feature! Having to manually select hundreds of serials takes so long, especially if you have an issue with a serials & then need to go through & re-do the picking. 

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12 people like this idea
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