Add specification of Discount Amount (as opposed to Discount Percentage) to UI and API

started a topic over 1 year ago

For the DEAR UI and API, it would be great to be able to specify the discount amount, instead of the discount percentage for a sale order line.  

The Sale Order Line Model and Sale Invoice Line Model have a Discount field which is the percentage discount field, but not a "discount amount" field.  This is coming into play for an EDI integration that is ongoing with DEAR for which there is no discount percentage being sent via the EDI trading partner.  The percentage can certainly be calculated, but there will likely to be rounding differences over time, which will result in invoices with different amounts than the source customer order, which will then end up getting rejected in the EDI process, so this is pretty important for EDI integrations and I imagine would also be helpful for user entry in the UI.

Thank you for considering this request.  Please like and provide additional comments if this feature request is of interest to you.

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