Quantity Based Discounts not totaling sizes across one product

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Product quantity discount will not discount all the sizes ordered of one product.

For example a customer will be used to ordering Black Gloves, and they know when they order 100 boxes of these gloves they get a better price for the 100 boxes. Regardless of whether they order 10 Small 20 Medium 30 Large and 40 Xlarge, as long as the total quantity ordered across all sizes is 100, they will receive a better price. 


At the moment the Dear Inventory is only applying a quantity discount to individual sizes per product.

For example for one product; if they order 50 small, and if they order 50 medium, they get no discount, when they should be getting the 100 boxes ordered discount. Because they have ordered 100 in total of one product. 

This is a basic need for any manufacturer/distributor who distributes their product range to a store, as stores do not just buy one size to stock at their shop. They buy a variety of sizes to stock. 

I have attached a screenshot of the problem when we are entering a new order on the Dear Inventory platform.


As you can see the customer has ordered 200 of one product and so they qualify for the ordered over 100 quantity product discount.


However even though they’ve ordered 200 in total, the price discount has only applied to the size that ordered 100. Whereas it should be applied to all sizes.

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  • 100% Agree we need this feature!

  • Is the discount rule set up to apply to the individual SKUs? If so, try changing it to the category (If all SKUs are in the same category), and see if it works. We can make discount rules like this work fine with category across multiple SKUs
  • Hi Daniel, could send us a screen shot of the discount rule and deal.

    As we are not sure if you are using the order level ticked box or not.

    We have tried alot of different options with Dear Support Help and nothing seems to solve the problem.

  • Hello Yvette

    Well well well.. i'm now having the same issue as you!

    Although interestingly, the same deal seems to work as desired in Dear POS, but not in the normal Dear SO process. 

    It seems the main problem is the 'Get' section after you select 'Order level'.

    Because when you select a % discount, the 'Get' section is not necessary!

    Will be good to see what Dear say about this.

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