Order-To-Cash / Order-To-Remittance reporting

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It would be great to have reporting added to DEAR to support Order-To-Cash (OTC or O2C) analysis, also known as Order-To-Remittance (OTR).

OTC measures the time it takes for each order to process from the time an order is received, that is, the effective date a sale order is created, to the date when the order is paid-in-full.


This is a common report for ERP systems, and while DEAR is not a full-blown ERP, it plays in that space.  In any case, it would be a great report to have for savvy business people and their financial advisors.

Here is a definition for



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  • Yes, would be a very handy report.. and considering all the stock aging, customer payment, order history etc data is already in Dear, it should be able to be reported on.

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