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Things the B2B portal really needs

Hi, folks. While we're enjoying the DEAR B2B portal, there are two glaring omissions that really need to be added / addressed: 

(1) Allow Payment Terms (like Net 30) for those customers who are qualified in DEAR for the same terms - and DISALLOW for those customers who aren't qualified.

You're already reading / transferring product pricing from DEAR to B2B on a 'per customer' basis. Customers who have payment terms (i.e., Net 30) should be able to select their terms when placing an order. Customers who do NOT have Net 30 terms should NOT be able to select 'Net 30' or some other payment term. Yes, we know we can add a payment method that is labeled as 'Net 30' -- but this would allow customers who do not qualify for Net 30 terms to select it, and place an order without paying for it, when they ought to be forced to prepay.

(2) Show product variation pricing directly in the product variation window / matrix / list. Many customers do not understand that they can click on the field to see pricing and availability of any given variation. But even though they can click on the field, many have said they would really like to see all variation prices all the time. This shouldn't be difficult to do in the 'Matrix'  or variation 'List' view. 

Appreciate the good work you've already done with the B2B portal, and we're just looking for continued improvement to better serve our B2B customers. Thanks in advance for your help.

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