Additional units of measure for assemblies

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There is a problem using additional units of measure when you consume parts in an assembly that have a subordinate bill of materials (BOM). 


1. Purchase 1 unit of SKU 001, which is ordered in 1m increments. 
2. For assembly purposes, you consume SKU 001 by the inch. Measuring 0.0254m in the assembly is not practical, so I create additional units of measure that auto-converts that 1 unit of SKU 001 into 39.37 units of SKU 002 (measured in inches).
3. The problem is that when you create an assembly that includes any quantity of SKU 002, it will override with an equivalent amount of SKU 001. We are back to our original issue of measuring ridiculous quantities in the assembly!

I think an appropriate solution could look like:

Solution 1:
In step 3, instead of automatically loading the equivalent units of SKU 001, Dear should flag this line as different from the desired BOM for that assembly. Remember, the BOM you are hoping to assemble contains SKU 002, not SKU 001.

Then with the line flagged, you should be presented with the option to select which of the units of measure for the underlying SKUs you wish to use. You may have conversions into inches, feet, furlongs, etc., the option is important! Select which unit of measure you actually want, and let the system check availability for allocation purposes. Bonus points to Dear if it cross-checks to see if sufficient availability can be created by auto-converting from a combination of other units!

Solution 2:
Alternatively, in a perfect world there would be no need for extra SKUs at all. Additional units of measure embedded in the SKU could be used to check availability in any unit. Picture in the availability screen SKU 001's units is showing 1 unit, in meters; select the meters, and imagine a drop-down that includes inches; once inches is selected, the availability changes to 39.37. Problem solved! Put that unit drop-down in the BOM list and assembly screen, and you no longer have the problem of unavailable stock for a particular unit. 

Personally I think the existing units of measure is useful, and has a good purpose. Some things cannot be reassembled, so you may not be able to move between units easily. Default to the longest unit, and subtract availability as the small sizes are consumed. Its not perfect, but its heading in the right direction.

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