Ability to trigger an Auto-Assembly when doing fulfillment instead of when the sale order is created

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Some businesses do not want to allocate stock to an assembly until the fulfillment part of their workflow. They do not want to be required to manually complete an auto-assembly for each fulfillment they do, preferring to have DEAR dynamically do the assembly for them upon fulfillment.

It would be good to have an option to tell DEAR to do auto-assemblies upon fulfillment as opposed to sale order authorization.  This could be at a DEAR General Settings level.

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  • Agree. Auto-Assemblies need some additional settings as I am sure people use these in different ways. 

    We are a food manufacture and packer. We store all product in bulk and assemble to order. The Auto-assemblies are great but we need more control over using them. 

  • Hello everyone,

    The logic here will have to be changed in order to accommodate this and it might not be possible.

    I will make the team aware of this again and see what can be done.

  • HI Yohan

    Please look at this in great detail. If this is being considered. PLEASE consider the ability to have a setting in GENERAL SETTINGS or elsewhere where the user can set if and when auto-assemplies are created in the sales process. 

    The ability to turn trigger the assembly at different stages or to not trigger the assemblies at all. 

    Auto-generating of assemblies is ok but also the ability to not auto assembly to not necessarily be at the complete stage.

    Anything you can do to make auto assemblies more reflective of reality and how it would be used in a real business making real products would be an incredible help. 

    This is critical to our business. 

  • This has been a huge headache for our business as well.  Did DEAR ever follow up on this with anyone on plans to implement something in the future?

  • Hi Yohan,

    Please think about the solution may be like this:

    - Auto-generating assemblies at Sale order authorization but allow user using DEAR VMS app on PDA can re-do assemblies part by scan assembled items and Bin (jus transfer assembled items back to the Bin allocate in Sale order phase and get new assembled items scanned).

    Thank you

  •  This is an issue for us too. Please consider an update to the functionality

  • Hi Tim,

    Totally agree with you. we just shifted from TG to Dear. the whole allocation at finalised order stage is really annoying. we have tried to use 'do not allocate the stock' mode and it creates more issues as it won't clearly shows you how many stocks have been committed. rather auto assemble at finalised stage it should be as per Stan suggested - it should be -auto assemble at fulfilment stage. the stock availability for bundled products should be equal to the lower of the sum of components availability as a kit. 

    Please look into this Dear!  

  • After discussions about workflow with Scott, the GrowthPath 3PL interface is a fulfilment-selection tool so I have added a feature to that allowing draft-picks to be selected to be bulk-authorised (like Dear's bulk actions except this works at fulfilment level rather than order level); I will auto-assemble based on the needs for those fulfilments.

  • We commented in this over one year ago. Please DEAR look at AUTO ASSEMBLIES. We require auto assemblies  for availability purposes but we actually want to control the trigger stage ourselves. In our case we do not want Auto Assemblies to be triggered on order approval. We would love to see a setting to toggle off or change the stage aw which the AutoAssemblies are created. 

    We actually would love to be able to turn off to assemblies are NOT triggered at all from orders. We prefer to manage our own assemblies. 

    Adding the ability select assemblies  (by checkbox) that have been created and bulk delete would also be a good solution so we can easily and quickly remove assemblies that were auto-created but are not needed or used. 

    Dear is a great system but Auto-Assemblies and how they are triggered by orders makes managing stock near impossible. 

    DEAR PLEASE LOOK AT THIS SERIOUSLY. I have written about this on many occasions. 

  • This is also a critical bottleneck for our business. We ship orders from multiple warehouses, and having the assemblies created at the sales order approval stage and tied to one warehouse location  means that we are unable to fulfil from other warehouse locations in DEAR.

  • Working with Tim on this very subject has been great, but Harry's comments sum up the huge frustrations using DEAR.

    Auto-assembly functionality needs a thorough review for real-world application and your users simply can't wait forever. If you want to see users grow and succeed, this issue becomes a show stopper.

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