Ability to trigger an Auto-Assembly when doing fulfillment instead of when the sale order is created

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Some businesses do not want to allocate stock to an assembly until the fulfillment part of their workflow. They do not want to be required to manually complete an auto-assembly for each fulfillment they do, preferring to have DEAR dynamically do the assembly for them upon fulfillment.

It would be good to have an option to tell DEAR to do auto-assemblies upon fulfillment as opposed to sale order authorization.  This could be at a DEAR General Settings level.

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  • Agree - Pick tab should perform auto-assembly on a product if no quantity is already available. Having to undo and re-do sale orders to make this happen automatically, or manually assemble, is time consuming and inefficient.

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  • Agreed, this is critical functionality.  

    Particularly so when the "Don't Allocate Stock" option is used on Advanced Sales at Sales Order authorization.  We use this option regularly and not having the auto-assemble occur at Picking feels like the feature was only half considered.

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  • Just bumped into this issue with another client.  Need this functionality!

  • I'm not sure how it took us so long to understand that this issue was connected to the "Allocate/Do Not Allocate" function, but it is extremely inconvenient. The auto-assemble option should occur at the picking stage regardless of it being a simple or advanced sale.

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  • The current DEAR logic is odd. When an order is authorised, ALL other sales orders needing auto assembly are reviewed too, and necessary builds are done. BUT they are not checked at pick. So if someone does a stock take and discover in the warehouses a lot of components and no actually assembled widgets, naturally they enter this in the stocktake, and the SOH of the assembled itesm goes to zero., And now all those authorised orders can't be picked, because picking does not trigger assembly. 

    Auto assembly definitely needs a bit of a rethink. 

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  • (I have added a "rebuild assembled items" option to my standard Dear bolt-on app)

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  • Hi Tim, this topic is causing us untold grief with DEAR, exactly along the lines you mentioned in the second last post.

    Not sure how to PM you but would be nice to understand the background of your last comment.

    Regards, Scott

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  • Hi Scott, you can whats app me  / txt me on +61423091732 and I can show you what I have. Like a few cloud integrators, I have some standard tools to enhance Dear, in my case an custom-built app platform which has evolved over the past few years; it has quite a lot of IP, which I use as base for custom integrations and utility functions to fix reporting and automation gaps in Dear (and Cin7). 

  • When talking with Dear, it's always great to get them to accept something as a bug ... it gets fixed in a week usually. But this auto-assembly issue has been put down the path of a "feature request", which is a bit of a black box in terms of timing and prioritisation. The automation required to fix it is pretty easy.

  • Agree, we have run into the same issue quite a few times now. Please look at this Dear.

  • There is a related issue (which I have fixed with my script). If you have a multi-level auto-assembly BOM, Dear does not actually auto-assemble the intermediate layers. If you have a missing component on the third level, you want reorder backorder to create a draft PO for the missing component (the new report "Out of Stock Components for Auto-Assembly" very helpfully will immediately explode through the BOM levels to show you the missing part, but you can't make a PO from that report, and it doesn't show any supplier info either).

    But Reorder Backorder doesn't know there is a missing component until the parent item is auto-assembled, or at least attempted to build, and Dear doesn't not actually do "auto" assemblies until they are on a sales order that has just been authorised. A middle of your BOM item will never be on a sales order directly, so it never gets "auto" assembled, which makes auto-assembly in multi-levels BOMs very clunky unless you have full stock of every component. The fundamental problem is the same: the one and only way to trigger a build of auto-assemblies is too limited (but thankfully the API can help) 

    In case anyone from Dear is listening: thanks to my fix, the fundamental supply chain superiority of Dear becomes clearer, and the client I am working with will convert from Trade Gecko.

  • Not to derail, but when i make a sale order and the item is an auto assembly, i authroise and on the pick page, it should zero stock and wont let me fulfill my pick. 

  • Totally agree this should be completed on fulfilment of the pick, but for this to also work for us we would need DEAR to also recognise that components of the item still need to be allocated off the inventory as well, that way we get a true reflection of SOH as we sell both as-built products and individual. Currently, it only shows that the assembled product has the inventory taken even when auto assembly it shows it's still available as the component part. 

    i.e "assembled product" on hand 0 allocated 3 available 27....whilst the "Component" shows on hand 30 allocated 0 available 30

  •  Hi Stacey, this would happen, because it happens currently: when Dear is triggered to assemble the key (at order authorisation) it makes a FG which consumes component stock in order to create inventory of the kit SKU. At least, this is my understanding. You shold be able to see this in product movement reports. I mentioned somewhere above I think, I have a script for some of my clients which reviews outstanding demand for kit SKUs and creates FGs to replicates what Dear does upon order authorisation.

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