Ability to trigger an Auto-Assembly when doing fulfillment instead of when the sale order is created

Some businesses do not want to allocate stock to an assembly until the fulfillment part of their workflow. They do not want to be required to manually complete an auto-assembly for each fulfillment they do, preferring to have DEAR dynamically do the assembly for them upon fulfillment.

It would be good to have an option to tell DEAR to do auto-assemblies upon fulfillment as opposed to sale order authorization.  This could be at a DEAR General Settings level.

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  • Agree - Pick tab should perform auto-assembly on a product if no quantity is already available. Having to undo and re-do sale orders to make this happen automatically, or manually assemble, is time consuming and inefficient.

  • Agreed, this is critical functionality.  

    Particularly so when the "Don't Allocate Stock" option is used on Advanced Sales at Sales Order authorization.  We use this option regularly and not having the auto-assemble occur at Picking feels like the feature was only half considered.

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