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Not much of a solution though.  If I want to run an availability report by location and want to see what items are out. The depreciated items are littering this, and as more and more products get depreciated, this whole report becomes a nightmare.

Why are depreciated items so readily available throughout the system? Can't there be a 'hidden' option?

Only, way around this is to do a hard reset of the entire dear system and start fresh?

There's no use case where depreciated/removed/useless/old products with 0 quantities should be so present throughout the entire system.


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  • I agree.  Why do we need to see deprecated items with 0 quantity in "Product Availability"?  It seems to just clutter up the report.

  • Dear Systems, Could we please address this topic, agreed you are unable to delete deprecated products that have been used for transactions, which I can understand, but then you can't remove it from availability search either.

    As you have 'Only active' switch tab found in the "Home/Products " page, can we simply have the same feature available in the "Home/Product Availability " page?

  • Agreed. The fact that when you export product out of dear, the depreciated items come too is a hassle, especially with the inventory list the only one to show whether it is active or depreciated so there is no way to tell on the assembly bom or bulk sku etc.

    Then there is when you make something depreciated and it has a bom if you do not turn off the auto assemble and disassemble these keep showing in product availability.

    The depreciated stock should be obsolete and no longer viewable without prior selection. 

  • Hello!

    If a deprecated item still show in reports, it means that there are still stocks present for that particular product. Once the stock is cleared, the product will not be shown.

  • HI Yohan,

    Kindly be advised the query of this topic is deprecated products littering availability reports. This is happening regardless if product stocks is present or not. 

    To demonstrate the issue we are trying to address, please see below a screenshot of a search for one of my products which as you can see is deprecated, out of stock, yet still shows in the availability report;



    What we are requesting, is an out of stock item, which is deprecated should not show or have an option not to show in these availability search/reports.

  • I think along with most users, the availability screen is most used as we want to know what is physically in stock.

    Surely, there is a way to be able to filter out the deprecated items in this area? 
    It is becoming more confusing for us as more and more stock is getting superseded by newer items. 

    Or alternatively, can the SOH be visible from the products page?
    Either way would be an immense help in deciphering through the thousands of SKU's we have.

  • Any news on this? The Stock Availability report is not very usable when it is cluttered with deprecated items.

    (This feature also requested here, but it seems to be closed:

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