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Currently Dear has check boxes for default billing and shipping addresses but if only one is chosen it will become the default for both.  This is problematic because we have many customers who always use the same billing address but will ship to various location, warehouses, customers, etc so we do not want a default shipping address but we do want a default billing address.  The two separate check boxes make it seem like these should be independent but they are not, it is misleading and had caused a few orders to go to the wrong location.

Please make these check boxes are actually independent so that selecting a billing or shipping default will only set that one default.

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  • Hi Jen, If I understand you correctly, the solution would be to create a default shipping address without data (see attached image).
  • Hi Mohammad,

    While your solution would work it seems like it would be a hassle to have to create blank addresses for a lot of customers.  The solution that makes the most sense to me would be that if there is no checkbox chosen for either shipping or billing then nothing would be the default for that field.  It is very confusing that a box can be left blank but a default would be applied to it anyway.

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