Line item Required dates

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Hi Support, 

Can we please have a new field to capture the required date on a line item level. Basically, if you add the leadtime for a product, then it should automatically, calculate the expected date for each line item. Then if this is displayed on the availability screen..

At the moment you have the required date on the header. And on availability screen, it shows the availability set on the header. If you have to effectively manage the incoming stock, you have to then do multiple, PO's where you would loose on volume discounts etc. 

Happy to have the required date, currently available, so we can communicate the urgency of the order to the supplier. 

However, the commercial reality would be a different. Thats the purpose of having a leadtime against a product against a supplier. So on a line item level, if you can calculate the when we can expect the next delivery, ie Order date+Leadtime for the line item on a order. Then planning would be effective.. 


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2 people like this idea
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