Be Able To Delete & Re-order Document Templates

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Summary: Be able to delete default templates if needed & be able to order & group all the templates in the system so they show up in the 'Print' & 'Email' menus on the sales pages. 

Long description: We think it would be helpful to be able to first remove/hide any default email & document templates from showing up on the sales order pages. At present we have around 30 in the system, so when the sales & customer service team go to generate an email or print a document from the sales page they have so many to choose from and can cause confusion, and especially for new people it can take some time to familiarise yourself with all the options. So only having the ones we use in those menu's would simplify finding the correct template for the situation a lot. And they will enjoy using the system a lot more. 'Deleting' templates could come in two forms, either the ability to totally delete the default templates in the settings or maybe more practical the option to show or hide the template from everyone/groups of users on the menu's on the sales pages. 

Also because we have so many templates it would be very helpful to be able to at least order them. This could be the ability to order them within their settings groups - 'Purchase' 'Sales' Ínventory' 'POS' or be able to order all the templates top to bottom in the menu's on the sales pages. As for instance our staff use the sales templates the most so would like them at the top of those menu's. However, I think grouping by settings titles & then being able to order them within that group will be the most helpful. The ordering could be created by dragging templates into order in the setting area within their groups. 

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  • Yes, Definitely Agree!! 

  • Hi, we sort our templates by adding a number at the beginning of the template name (see image). I hope this will help.
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