Bulk price update without need to export/import full product list

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It would be a great help if there was a way to do bulk price updates without having to export/import the full product list. It might take a few days to make price updates on a xlsx sheet before it's ready to import. In that time, many other product attributes could've been changed by the team, e.g. product description, bin locations, etc... So I'm suggesting a simple template with columns: SKU, PRICE TIER 1, PRICE TIER 2......, PRICE TIER 10. Like/comment/vote if you agree

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  • I strongly agree with Daniel that we need a simpler product list to work on. For now we must keep all columns headings and they must be in the same order. It would be a great help if we can remove the columns that we do not need to modify and also be able to rearrange column orders.

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  • Agree. Ideally you would select / filter to the products you want to update and then it would just export the displayed / selected items, not the complete Product list.

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  • How about an import like WooCommerce? You can match any fields you like and only the ones you want updated during the import process.

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  • Yes please, this would save a lot of faff for us!

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  • Much needed feature. 

    With the sheer number of products in our inventory, the inability to create/update products while the price list is being reviewed and updated is a substantial problem.

    Our prices update every two months, having a feature to only update price fields and not everything else is a requirement.

  • For those of you freezing your system of any changes during price evaluation, the easier thing to do is just format everything in your inventory export down to what you need to evaluate price changes (aka deleting columns you don't care about) and then just run a simple difference script against a fresh inventory export based on SKU and appropriate columns and then pull anything that's different into the fresh DEAR inventory export before uploading it.
    Functions like

    =INDEX(Inventory!<full index range of inventory sheet>,MATCH(A2,Inventory!$A:$A,0),MATCH(<index of column header you care about>,Inventory!$A:$CD,0))

    work wonders in Excel and Google sheets.

  • Having much better option to control how the data is edited is much needed in Dear, and being able to 'select' products and fields to export and edit and then import again is much needed..

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  •  It would be fantastic if Dear could replicate Tradegecko's bulk editor and quick update functions.  Updating 8 or 10 inventory items in Dear when you don't have enough changes to justify the effort of an export/import is painfully laborious

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