Bulk price update without need to export/import full product list

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It would be a great help if there was a way to do bulk price updates without having to export/import the full product list. It might take a few days to make price updates on a xlsx sheet before it's ready to import. In that time, many other product attributes could've been changed by the team, e.g. product description, bin locations, etc... So I'm suggesting a simple template with columns: SKU, PRICE TIER 1, PRICE TIER 2......, PRICE TIER 10. Like/comment/vote if you agree

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  • I strongly agree with Daniel that we need a simpler product list to work on. For now we must keep all columns headings and they must be in the same order. It would be a great help if we can remove the columns that we do not need to modify and also be able to rearrange column orders.

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  • Agree. Ideally you would select / filter to the products you want to update and then it would just export the displayed / selected items, not the complete Product list.

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  • How about an import like WooCommerce? You can match any fields you like and only the ones you want updated during the import process.

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  • Yes please, this would save a lot of faff for us!

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8 people like this idea
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