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I find it very frustrating that there is no notification if a customers email address is incorrect. I don't know if an invoice/delivery docket has been sent to a customer. I need to send statements from XERO in order to get a notification that the email address is incorrect. This might be up to a month after the customer should have received their invoice, or even a month after payment is due.

The solution I have been given was to activate the email read receipt, this is not a option as this would be a full time job tracking this feature. I am hoping that this can be fixed.

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  • In Xero, if an invoice is unable to be delivered via email (either the wrong email address or technical reasons with the receiver’s inbox) then a message is sent back to the inbox... then we know that it is undelivered.  Difficult to understand why this same function is not offered in DEAR.

    Wouldn't expect this fix to be a difficult update for DEAR.

    I would expect many DEAR account holders wouldn't know this didn't work, unless they send a statement from Xero.

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4 people like this idea
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