Inventory Transfer Issue- From Bin to Bin? HOW TO DO IT???

started a topic about 1 year ago

How do I transfer inventory from one bin to another Bin./warehouse.


Product A, in Warehouse A is in BIN: AB11 and AB12. I want to transfer 30 units from BIN AB11 to warehouse B. 

When i click on Inventory, transfer: the FROM only shows Warehouse A and Product A but NO bin??????

  • Ok, I figured it out. Need to authroise it then on next tab products, you chose from where.

  • yep
  • You can skip the first step and go straight to transfer by checking the 'Skip order' box

    (Obviously the default set up for a Transfer is between multiple warehouses, where you need to create an order for the goods being transferred, and send a pick list to the warehouse for picking - much like a regular Sales order... but in an internal transfer inside the same warehouse this 'Skip order' simplifies it)


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