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The Ability to sort products by Brand and Category


  1. Ideally you would be able to facet both, ie: Sort for "Shirt" in "Brand A"
  2. Depending on Other DEAR Users Additional Attributes, It might be useful to include Additional Attributes as a sort function. 
  3. Other Sort Functionality of use could be: Type and Supplier

Use Case:
Users who large product catalogs, with multiple brands or categories will benefit from being able to easily reduce the product list down by brand and categories. IE: if a customer has 1000 products across 4 brands, and 4 categories (T-Shirt/Shoe/Pants/Shorts), if they want to find Shorts for Brand A, they would be able to reduce the product list (if evenly spread) to 62 products (1000/4/4 = 62.5), greatly reducing time in sorting and finding products. 

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