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It would be quite useful to have the ability to save a PIN code to a user account, so that when they log into the account via the iOS app, they could type a pin code instead of their password. It would also be useful to allow the user to be able to stay open on the device, or save their login details. I woudl also suggest that the email address remains on sign out on the device, or order to streamline login.


  1. I think a Pin code would be a very useful feature for multiple user devices
  2. Potentially allowing users to remain logged in might be an administrator setting in the DEAR web UI

Use Case:
Staff members must log in multiple times a day into the DEAR WMS app and complete their username and password. removing or streamlining this process will save some minutes each day reloading and will save IT departments from getting calls from operators. 

Current workaround:
Current workaround considered from our side is to create Barcode user card for the operators, where they can scan their email address and Password into the  desired fields via the bluetooth connected S840 scanner. 

  • Just additional on this. 

    We have created a QR code with the username so that our users can fill out their details from that. 

    You could additionally do a password in another QR code, but obviously that is a little insecure

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