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Allow a shopify store to associate a additional field/price tier to match compare-to-price in Shopify. I woudl envision this to be a settings option in the storefront setup (See screenshot).

  1.  the idea would be to map {product.variants[*].compare_at_price} in shopify with  {Product.Price_tier[x]} or {Product.ProductCustomField[x]} in DEAR.
  2. Depending on limitation on price tier (ie, no more than 10) and multi-currency storefronts, It might be more suitable to create a product_attribute set with different price levels as reference. IE: ProductCustomField1 = USD RRP Price, ProductCustomField2 = AUD RRP Price, etc.
Use Case:
Shopify uses compare_at_price to drive was/now pricing on the frontend. as well as charting collections on the products for discounting/etc in order for stores to run campaigns. by allowing this functionality it will customers to set a based RRP to create a initial price point on the products, which will allow discounting to accurately show the saving to the end customers. I envision the current workaround for this would be to import via CSV in Shopify, or maintain on a product by product basis, which his not ideal. 

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  • This is exactly what we need. When will this feature be available?

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