General - Advanced Sales Order and Purchase Orders

started a topic over 1 year ago

Create an option to change the default for DEAR Purchase Order Sales Order from simple to advanced globally in the Setting>General tab. 

  1. This could be a simple Yes/No slider in the General Tab to be applied globally as default.
  2. Although It might not be for every business, think the advanced functionality as default would be used across several customer.

Use Case: 
For some DEAR users, advanced functionality by default would be useful as they have some requirements that can only be fulfilled via the advanced order type, IE: not invoicing. If there is a simple and advanced sales order type, it might cause confusion with internal staff who are using WMS, and process an order which is simple expecting it to be advanced. it also isn't ideal that general users have two type of inputs for sales orders and purchase orders, as it can cause confusion as to which one is appropriate for the situation. 
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