Workflow - Close an order after Pick/pack/ship based on customer name (before invoice)

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Use a workflow to close a sales order based on Customer_Name /Source or other attribute after the order has been pick/pack/shipped but before the order has been invoiced. 

  1. Closing the order after pick/pack/ship in order to allow flow back of tracking detail to ecommerce system (or API)
  2. Advanced sales order would need to be applied on the order initially so that an invoice isn't created
  3. Closing of the sales order would be based on customer name and/or custom attribute. 
  4. This is expected to have some reporting issues on sales/COGS etc. Potentially, these reports could be based on some revision, but understandably might not be possible)
  5. I think the search string on the APIv2 is{customerName}&CombinedShippingStatus=SHIPPED&CombinedInvoiceStatus=NOTINVOICED

Use Case:
We currently have several dropship customers that we invoice on a monthly basis. We receive orders on a daily basis, and need to process them (pick/pack/ship) but we don't invoice them, as we will generate a consolidated invoice at a later date (for the total of transaction for the month). Ideally, we would receive the order via a channel (ecommerce or API) and the order would be imported as a Advanced Sales Order, the order would go to pick/pack/ship. Once ship is completed, a workflow, based on customer name or attribute would trigger and close the order before the invoicing stage. 

This would save us significant time, as currently we would need to convert the order, then void the invoice in the UI on each order, which can be up to +2000 per month currently. 
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