Workflow - Send Email to {value} based on {CustomerAttribute[x]} and/or attribute_set value

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Create a workflow that sends an email with an attached Credit Memo or Invoice to a specific address based on a customers custom attribute value and/or attribute_set .

  1. Attach the invoice/or credit memo to the invoice as a PDF
  2. Send a email to a particular address that is not on the customer record (ie:
  3. Trigger on Completion of order or Credit. 

Use Case:
We have approx. 400 customers whom use centralised billing systems, which require an email to be send to a generic inbox once a credit memo or invoice is created in order to confirm payment. We segment these customers from other customer based on a custom attribute set, with a value determining which email address get its. (see attached) 

Currently, we would either need to set up a manual process for these and/or attached the address to each of the customers and set up a rule to email all customers on the record which would be potentially error prone if the record is not accurate. 
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