Stock Transfer - Location based Price Tier & Total Transfer Value

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Associate Price Tier with a specific location and compute a transfer order value based on price_tier[x] x qty on the order. 

  1. Price Tier could be associated on the General > Reference > Location Screen (attached screenshot). 
  2. Ideally the price total would be displayable on documentation. 
  3. A computation between product qty and associated Price_Tier[x] would need to be performed. 
User Case: 
We would use this with our EDI process for consignment partner in order to decrease the workload of our EDI transmission partner (as without this they would need to compute these values from a product price levels) and minimise pricing errors. 

Additionally, this type of functionality would allow users to set a declared value of the transfer which would have value when you are dispatched to secondary warehouses across boarders and the requirement to declare the value of the stock is important. By associating a price level to a specific location, you would be able to set a price tier as "transfer price' for that location. 
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