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What is the database used by the DEAR WMS?  It would be VERY handy, and make much better use of DEAR development time IF the db tables were available to authorized subscription holders to query using any reporting tool such as Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (which really does not care which database is in use as long as their is either a direct or ODBC data connector for the database) to be used to write ad hoc client specific reports. The implementation of such a capability could also create opportunity for users to share reports via a new section of the DEAR user forum.

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  • Not having a way to get data out of Dear and into third-party tools like Excel or PowerBI for reporting is a HUGE limitation of Dear. Offering this capability through a partnership with a company like CDATA ( would break the dependency on the very limited built-in reports.

  • I would urge you to Combine Report Module Requests here to maybe get some attention from Dear.


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8 people like this idea
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