Improve GAAP compliance for Journal entries

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The current Journal entry form has several poorly implemented UI and form verification flaws which need to be improved to come up to GAAP standards.  This can be accomplished by updating this form and the verification logic behind the form to enable the ability to enter a Journal as series of account numbers subject to EITHER (but not both) a Debit or a Credit value entry.  This is consistent with generally accepted accounting practices. The form logic would then require update to determine if the SUM(of Debit values) = SUM(of Credit values) BEFORE allowing for the Approval or authorization of the Journal (such validation would NOT be required, other than perhaps to message the user when clicking to SAVE the Journal BEFORE the Authorise action is taken that the Journal is either IN or OUT of balance.

The form UI would be significantly improved by implementing the use of a spreadsheet style grid where each row of the grid allowed data entry with column values as follows

Account - required

Debit - a value is required in this column OR in the Credit column BUT NOT BOTH

Credit - a value is required in this column OR the Debit column BUT NOT BOTH

Note - optional for recording a note about the Journal Entry line item represented by this record.

form validation on Save or Authorise logic would be as indicated at the start of this Topic.

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