3PL export file is lacking crucial features

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Hey guys, 

The 3PL export file is how we email a .csv across to our 3PL warehouse to be picked up by EDI.

It currently is lacking some important features:

BOM products - exports the master SKU but can't export multiple lines with slave SKU's so our 3PL warehouse can't accept these without us manually editing the export file (slow, prone to errors) **you can't get this info from the API or 3PL export file**Shipping Contact - There is no shipping email or phone number and it currently uses the billing contact details. This sends tracking to the accounts departments of companies rather than the person that is receiving the goods. (Need to have shipping contact details expanded to include an email address and phone number) We have to workaround this limitation by putting the shipping email in the notes and then modifying the export file by cutting and pasting phone/email into the correct places. The updated .csv file (august 2019) now also includes shipping customer/shipping contact fields which display if you use "ship to different" company but these are exactly the same as the default company/contact info as this 3PL export file references the shipping details anyway (not billing) so what is the point of these fields? They only display for some lines  with different company and are blank on the others so can't be used in an EDI file. 

It would be great to have a default 3PL export file and then the option to add/remove parameters and save this as a template. One SKU per line works well with the shipping details replicated on each line. 

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