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We are using the Approve / Reject function in our workflow.   Our Purchasing Manager authorises PO's when he has agreed terms with the Supplier.  Once Authorised, our CEO will Approve the contract and we digitally sign the document to seal the deal.

However, none of the filters available allow the CEO to see the Authorised PO's awaiting Approval.   The one that is called 'Awaiting Approval' doesn't do this job.        Our workaround using tasks and notifications doesn't make the process easier.  A simple filter would fix the problem.   

Please can you add this additional filter to Purchasing.    

It would also be nice to have the ability to mark documents as only being available after an approve or authorise step.  ie once the CEO has approved, the digitally signed version of the contract becomes available.  It can't be accessed until the PO is approved.   

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  • This should be available in the Purchases view filtering on Status: Awaiting Approval however that filter is not currently working. DEAR's technical team is working on it, I've been told. 

    I've also requested a PO Pending Approval view in the Dashboard for the same purposes and workflow as you described. Feel free to like to comment on that feature request as well.

  • Any update on this after 2 years?

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3 people like this idea
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