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The system appears to have has a reduction in speed over the past few weeks. We work on 5 different PCs, off 2 different networks, yet we're all experiencing the lag. 

Today, we having trouble viewing invoices and sales orders loaded, as the system is too slow to open the page and tells us that we have no invoices.

Creating new invoices or purchase orders results in the system hanging. This is impacting on productivity.

It wold be great to receive an e-mail or have a facility to check of there are known system issues and the expected downtime so that we can plan accordingly. 

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  • Same for our company. We have the same issue.

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  • This link is meant to show the status:

    But we're also experiencing these issues too Claire, hope Dear resolve it ASAP!

    Undoubtedly Dear Support desk is getting flooded with tickets....  :/ 

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  •  It would be great if the status page included status the API.

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